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Sari Bari is opening the doors of freedom and opportunity for more women in 2016, be apart of laying a foundation for more Heroes!

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India is a hub for sex trafficking, with an estimated three million females in forced prostitution throughout the country. Kolkata is at once a trafficking destination, a transit area for women being trafficked from Bangladesh and Nepal to the rest of India, and a source area. Girls living in poverty in rural India face significant risk factors for being trafficked for labor or for sex. When under-aged victims of sex trafficking are rescued, they are placed in the aftercare system. At the age of 18, they age out of the system. Young women aging out of aftercare are left with even greater risk for re-trafficking or are left without a choice but to voluntarily re-enter the trade out of economic necessity. Learn more about Re-trafficking below.  A fair-wage job in a restorative environment can provide these young women with the means to economic stability, healthy recovery, and dignity-affirming reintegration into society.

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How many women will be employed in the new unit? Up to 68 women can be employed for freedom at the new unit. 30 employees, trainers, and managers from one of our current units will move into the new unit and create a foundation for a safe and restorative work environment. An additional 38 women will be hired, with a special focus on employing young women exiting aftercare.


How does Sari Bari hire women exiting the aftercare system? Sari Bari has relationships with various rescue, aftercare, and support organizations. Through these partnerships, we have received referrals for hiring as well as provided opportunities for outsourcing work to vulnerable young women. Sari Bari will continue to build these relationships to ensure young women who are exiting the aftercare system have viable opportunities for professional skills training and employment.

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Invest in a space for freedom – there are 2700 Square Feet of Opportunity for Freedom! With your support, Sari Bari will purchase a building for a new production unit where more women will find freedom and opportunity. Invest in Professional Sewing Machine Training for one young woman as she begins her freedom journey with Sari Bari.  Providing professional sewing skills are an integral part Sari Bari production as well as an investment of sustainable jobs skills for young women for opportunities beyond Sari Bari .

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What is Re-trafficking? Re-trafficking is when a person has been trafficked on one occasion, has then exited that trafficking situation, and has then later been trafficked again[1].  India is a hub for sex trafficking, with an estimated three million females in forced prostitution throughout the country. In Kolkata, when underage girls are rescued from the sex trade, they are placed into the aftercare system until the age of 18. Once these young women age out of the aftercare system, they have very limited opportunities for continued trauma recovery or a means to build financial security. Young women who have survived trafficking continue to face issues of trauma, stigma, psychological distress, difficulty accessing services, and severely limited opportunities for employment. After rescue or rehabilitation programs, they also return to the same conditions and risk factors that led to their trafficking in the first place.  Rescued young women exit the aftercare system with greater vulnerability and greater risks for re-trafficking and re-exploitation than before they were trafficked. How do you prevent re-trafficking? Research indicates that through viable economic alternatives and sustainability options, women who have survived trafficking can reduce their vulnerability to being re-exploited. Sari Bari provides economic opportunity in a safe and restorative environment where young women who exiting the aftercare system are able to (1) build financial security through dignity affirming employment and (2) find continued trauma recovery support through social support programming. [1] International Organization for Migration (2010). The causes and consequences of re-trafficking: Evidence from the IOM human trafficking database.
I am not sure if I really am a hero, but I know I must become a hero. Even if it’s hard to make my dreams come true, I have to do it. I have strength inside me. I can do it. Even if takes time, I can do it. Monisha

Hand sewing, Sari Bari

To me, freedom means I have been saved from what felt like hell. Freedom means I have peace. Freedom means I have true joy. Rima

Sewing Machine Assitant, Sari Bari

I couldn’t hold my past and my freedom at the same time. The things from the past bound up my hands and made feel discouraged. I found the strength to let go and leave it all behind. Then I found peace and freedom. Samiya

Quality Control Team, Sari Bari

We unabashedly call the women of Sari Bari – Heroes. We call them leaders, and we call them co-laborers for freedom. We are compelled by our heroes and their lives to continue the pursuit of women who do not yet know their names. Sarah

Managing and Creative Director, Sari Bari

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