Heroes Campaign: FAQS

Heroes Campaign FAQ’s

How many women will be employed in the new unit?

Up to 68 women can be employed for freedom at the new unit. 30 employees, trainers, and managers from one of our current units will move into the new unit and create a foundation for a safe and restorative work environment. An additional 38 women will be hired, with a special focus on employing young women exiting aftercare.

How much needs to be raised for this campaign, and what will it be used for?

Budgeting for this project includes:

Building Purchase & Fees                $174,075

Building Set-up/Equipment             $17,418

Social Worker/Programming           $18,000

How much have your raised so far?

As of April 2016: 

How does Sari Bari hire women exiting the aftercare system?

Sari Bari has relationships with various rescue, aftercare, and support organizations. Through these partnerships, we have received referrals for hiring as well as provided opportunities for outsourcing work to vulnerable young women. Sari Bari will continue to build these relationships to ensure young women who are exiting the aftercare system have viable opportunities for professional skills training and employment.

What are the best ways to support this campaign?

There are a number of ways to support this campaign:

  • Make a general donation through Pure Charity
  • Raise funds through Pure Charity on behalf of Sari Bari
  • Use your social networks to help spread the word #saribari #heroescampaign

Every bit counts, and we can’t do it without you!

Can I see the full proposal for this campaign?

Yes, follow this link: The Proposal

What does training look like at Sari Bari?

Each woman receives a stipend during their six-month training period prior to full time employment. Training includes education in Artisan Hand Stitching or Professional Sewing machine training.  Additionally the women engage in classes in reading & writing, math & budgeting, nutrition & play and participate in Group Therapy Sessions.

Women also receive eye exams during their training and comprehensive medical check-ups at the end of their training period.

When will this campaign end?

The full Heroes Campaign will run through early November 2015 culminating in a series of events and a fundraiser in Indianapolis.  However, Sari Bari will continue to raise funds until the full amount for the proposed project and building purchase is raised.