Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Rita Brimley


Quilt Name: Elephant March

I have been a quilter for over fifteen years.  I have made numerous quilts for our family.  I have also made hundreds of quilts for Linus over the past few years.  This is my first Sari quilt.  In the past I have predominantly used cotton fabric, but have completed  several denim quilts as well as a  tee shirt  quilt and several using my family’s  ties.  Thank you for the opportunity to work on a completely different media.


Lori Pool & Patty Hockman

Oklahoma & Missouri

Quilt Name: Diamonds in the Rough

A mother and daughter team, Patty Hockman lives in Missouri, and Lori Pool currently resides in Oklahoma.  Patty was taught to sew by her mother.  She in turn taught Lori, her daughter, to sew at a very early age.  Both began sewing garments – for their dolls and themselves.  Both are passionate quilters who have many projects in progress.  Patty is a certified Quilt-in-a-Day instructor.  Lori is a self-professed “collector” of quilt “kits”.  She is a single mother of two teenagers, who also works full-time.  She finds most of her quilting is during small, short retreats where she can rely on someone else to prepare meals and just concentrate on quilting for a few days.  These times are some of her favorite because of the fellowship with fellow quilters.  When Lori asked her mother to join her in making a quilt for the Sari Bari quilt auction, she gladly said yes!  The hardest part was deciding what to do with the Sari’s once they arrived, and compromising between their different piecing styles!  This quilt was constructed with a quilt-as-you go method. “Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern” is by Jera Brandvig. We found it to be a lot of fun to do this technique. As we each did half the blocks hundreds of miles apart and then we met to finish construction, it turned out very well.

Lori PoolPatty Hockman


McKenzie Gaglianese

Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Stitch by Stitch to Freedom

I am a 27 year old insurance broker from Charlotte, NC.  I got into quilting by way of my mother as something we could do together.  I quickly fell in love with this art and use it now as stress relief as well as a creative outlet.  I love having as many different hues as possible with a modern design in each quilt I make.  Last year was the first year I took part in the Sari Bari Auction in way of bidding/winning a quilt.  The quilt also happened to be one of the ones made by the women in which this auction helps. It was more beautiful than I had expected! I am so excited that this year both my mother and I were able to be in the group of the quilters to help such a wonderful organization!

McKenzie Gaglianese

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Julie Tuller

Broken Arrow, OK

Quilt Name:  Fireworks

I was taught to sew from both my mother and my grandmother at a very young age.  I began with learning how to sew garments, but have really found a love of quilting in the past 15 years.  I very much enjoy the process of creating a quilt from beginning to end. I have had many wonderful women along the way who have taught me many more sewing skills. I hope that my contribution to Sari Bari may help other women enrich their lives through the art of sewing.

Julie Tuller



Mary Jerz

Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Pathway to Freedom

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina (originally from Chicago, Illinois) and have a lifetime of sewing experience.  I started sewing apparel and then expanded to home interior sewing and quilt making.  I also have a long arm quilting business, Seamless Expressions.  I have a passion for textiles, pattern, and color and enjoy exploring construction…piecing, composing, and arranging.  I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Textile Design from Savannah College of Art & Design and worked as a woven textile designer at textile mills in North Carolina.  I am a member of the Charlotte Quilters’ Guild, Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild, and the Greater Charlotte Workroom Association.  Making a Sari Bari quilt was an opportunity for me to use my quilting skills and give back to a wonderful organization that supports women’s freedom and hope for a new life.  I was honored to participate in this program.

Mary Jerz


Stacy Wright

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Quilt Name: Sunset Squares

Stacy has been sewing since she was nine years old, starting with clothing for herself and her dolls, then moving on to aprons and Halloween costumes for her son. She started quilting nine years ago, when she needed a way to use up all the scraps of fabric she accumulated over the years.  She lives a quiet life in Wisconsin with her family and their cat.


Kimberlee Patton

Crest Hill, IL

Quilt Name: Made with Love

I am a homeschooling mother of two. I love working at the library as a page. I have been sewing for 8 years and like to quilt as a way of carrying on my granny’s legacy. I love to use my sewing talents whenever possible to help victims of bondage so that they may be able to live in freedom.


Kimberlee Patton
Jane Swanson

Tulsa, OK

Quilt Name: Amethyst Diamonds

I have sewn all my life:  clothes, costumes, drapes, toys, school projects, art projects, backdrops and upholstery.  But have only been quilting for just a few years.  I find making quilts the most satisfying because they are creative, functional and is something that will live on long past me.  I feel strongly about participating in the Sari Bari Quilt Project because I have had such a lucky life, never knowing the struggles of many of the women in the world.  I hope that my quilt will benefit some of them.


Ann Cook and Leann Barczi

Sunnyvale, California and Boston, Massachusetts

Quilt Name: Walk This Way

My mom and I were introduced to Sari Bari last year through a friend and both participated in the quilt auction separately. This year we opted to work together despite living on separate coasts. My mom, Ann, prepped all the material, cut the pieces and mailed half of them across the country for me to assemble. She has done the final piecing, assembling, and quilting. Quilting has been passed down several generations in our family. This has been a terrific opportunity for my mom and I to share a project and contribute to a wonderful cause. We share a love of being outside, of gardening, of cooking and eating good food, spending time together with our family, and we relish a creative challenge. When not carving out time for these things, my mom works as a university accountant and I stay home with my three kiddos, ages six, four and two.

A. Cook L. Barczi

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Beth Pinckney

Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Kolkata Meets Provence

My daughter-in-law, Kandyce Pinckney, introduced me to Sari Bari and the
quilt auction, and this is my third year making a quilt. I have been
married to Coty for 35 plus years, am mom to six, mom-in-law to 4, and
Gramma to three. I started quilting several years ago because I wanted to
give quilts as wedding gifts to my children. Two years ago, when our
nest was about to be empty, I helped to start a sewing group for refugee
women in Charlotte, NC, called Make Welcome. I spend much of my time
developing curriculum and project ideas for our sewing class, teaching,
and designing products that the women can sew to sell via our online and
local sales outlets. I love working with the refugee women in our
community and am inspired in this work by what Sari Bari is doing in India
to address the economic, social, and spiritual needs of women.  When I’m
not in the sewing studio, I like to ride my bike on country roads, I’m
training for my second triathlon in June.

Beth Pinckney


Kandyce Pinckney

Denver, CO

Quilt Name:  Phul Bazaar (Flower Market)

Kandyce and her husband Jonathan live in Denver, where Kandyce works in refugee resettlement and sews quilts in her free time.

Kandyce Pinckney


Patti Coppock & Ann Olson

Tulsa, OK

Quilt Name: On the Border

I have been sewing for 53 years! My mother taught me to make my own clothing when I was young and a few years ago I received a diploma in Apparel Technologies while living in Minneapolis, MN. Before that, my college education was focused on art. I started piecing quilts in 1993. Quilting became interesting to me when I began to see it as an art form. Repeating patterns and beautiful designs have always caught my attention. I am most happy when I am working on a quilt project I love.

Patti Coppock

My name is Ann Olson and I have been creating ever since I can remember. As a young child and teenager I can remember being taught by Grandma and Mom to sew and piece. I love doing quilting for other people. So with my passion and love of quilting I run my own Longarm Quilting Business, Ann’s Quilt N’ Stuff.  It is wonderful to have a career I love.

Ann Olson


Ladies of the Lake (LOL)

North Charlotte, NC

Quilt Name: Red on Point

Our small LOL (Ladies of the Lake) quilt bee in north Charlotte region of North Carolina created an original block pattern, each constructed blocks and contributed to assembling, and  overall machine quilting was done by Teresa Westover.  Members:  Skye McDonald, Sandy Dean, Judy Hoxie, Maggie Farrell, Marian Voorhees, Liz Harris, and Teresa Westover.  Our quilt is called ” Red on Point”, with strips pieced onto flexible interfacing, precut into blocks.

2015 LOL


Cindi Gaglianese-Woody

Charlotte, North Carolina

Quilt Name: Pieces of Time

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. I have a minor in fine arts. I love color, fiber and design. I have done weaving in the past, but quilting is the art form I love the most. Maybe it’s because I get to draw, cut, piece and design. When I see new fabric my mind starts to think of all the wonderful things I can do with it. When the saris arrived, I felt like a child in a toy store for the first time. There were so many different designs and shades of color. When I was working with the saris, I visualized the women who had worn them. How different our lives must be, but similar in other ways. I am a wife, a mother and a lover of nature. I am married to a wonderful man (who tries to understand why I have so much fabric). We have four  incredible grown children who mean the world to us. One of them is even a quilter. Other than quilting I love hiking, biking ,and walking on the beach. I am also part of the CTL Modern Quilt Guild. Working on this quilt for the auction has been a wonderful experience.  And I hope I will be invited to participate again in the future.

Cindi Woody

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Sari Bari Quilt Auction 2015: Quilter’s Spotlight

Michele Cais

Benson, AZ

Quilt Name: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright

Michele moved to Tucson, AZ in September 2011 from Buellton, California in search of blue skies and easy living.  While in California I worked as a Clinical Services Coordinator in the medical services industry, based in Santa Barbara.  Michele and her husband were well known hikers and climbers who pioneered many new adventures in the rugged back country of the Los Padres.  Now they enjoy a change of pace from California chaparral to the Sonoran desert with hiking and photography in the mountains around the Tucson/Benson areas of Arizona.   Hobbies include hiking, climbing, quilting, crafting, and training their wild weimpet (weimeranier/whippet mix)- Phoebe.

MIchele Cais


Ginny Carlson

Mountain View, CA

Quilt Name: Another Step on the Road to Freedom

My love of sewing started with making doll clothes by hand. I progressed on to my grandmother’s treadle machine and haven’t stopped sewing since then. Quilting is a relatively new love of mine – so much fun playing with fabrics and patterns and watching it all come together. I have an online store where I can indulge in the many aspects of sewing that draw me in. Sewing with saris is a unique experience. I love the colors and the life that is behind each sari. I feel privileged to be a part of this project.


Ginny Carlson


Maddie Johnson


Quilt Name: Autumn Forest

Maddie is from Minnesota.  Quilting and sewing are a couple of her favorite hobbies.  As it has been the past couple of years, it is an honor to be participating in the Sari Bari quilt auction again.

Maddie Johnson

Elaine Shultz

Petaluma, California

Quilt Name: Blue Skies and Sunny Days

I am a native Californian and I have lived in California for 54 years. I have two children, Lauren and David. My mother could make anything with her sewing machine, crocheted, quilted, and embroidered. She taught me as a child to do all those things. I didn’t seriously start quilting until 1994. I love to do hand sewing and embroidery. I find sewing lowers my blood pressure. I have enjoyed make this quilt for the Sari Bari Quilt Auction.

Elaine Shultz




Quilt Name: It All Adds Up

What Sari Bari is doing in India is so important and the best way I can
support them is to make a quilt for the auction. I am an advanced-beginner quilter and I love working with the vibrant colors of the vintage saris. I
never choose a pattern until I see my saris and then I let the fabric lead
the way. If you win my quilt in the auction you can know I thought about
you as I was sewing wondering what would make you choose this quilt.I call
it “It All Adds Up” because of the plus signs in the design and the thought
that each of our quilts will add up to wonderful opportunities for Sari
Bari. I used 100%cotton for the back and cotton thread. The batting is polyester. Bid often and bid high and thank you.

Meridith De Avila Khan

Lynchburg, VA

Meridith De Avila Khan is a photographer and writer in Virginia who thrives on creating beautiful things. A wife & mother of three, she grew up sewing, knitting, and crocheting, and began sewing baby quilts for her nieces and nephews last year and was immediately hooked! She considers herself still somewhere between a beginner and intermediate quilter, but loves crafting beautiful, bright, modern designs with fabric. Even better that the end result is something cozy and comforting, too!

2015 Quilt Auction

Fan the Flame of Freedom

Sari Bari artisans are partnering with 25 talented quilters from around the world to bring you more than 40 quilts of all sizes, from baby blankets to king-size quilts. All of the beautiful designs have been created using vintage recycled sari material, and our partner quilters have generously donated time and materials to help fan the flame of freedom in Kolkata, India.

For a preview, explore all the beautiful quilts on the Sari Bari blog in April, and don’t forget to come back May 1-9, 2015 for the auction.

This year, the quilt auction will run as two, five-day auctions: The first round will run from May 1 to May 6 with ending times between 6:00 PM -10 PM CST. The second round will run May 4 to May 9 with ending times between 6:00 PM -10:00PM CST. Tiered closing will ensure the greatest opportunity to win one of these beautiful quilts.

A newly added a “Buy It Now” option will be available so that you can secure your favorite quilt with a single click.

Fan the Flame of Freedom

Proceeds from the 2015 Quilt Auction will go towards furthering Sari Bari’s ongoing freedom work throughout Kolkata, India. We invite you to bid generously to help fan the flame of freedom as Sari Bari seeks to open doors for more women.

We are directing this year’s auction proceeds to the following initiatives:

  1. School Support – Learn more
  2. HIV AIDS Support – Learn more
  3. Training – Bringing more women into full-time employment – Learn more
  4. Ongoing prevention work – Creating new spaces for freedom
  5. Capacity Building and Leadership Training for local Sari Bari staff

Please spread the word to your friends and family so they also have an opportunity to purchase or bid on these beautiful quilts and to participate in the freedom work in Kolkata.

Auction is held via eBay and is subject the rules of an eBay auction. Sari Bari is a social business and a charitable trust located in Kolkata, India. The funds raised in the Auction are directed through Sari Bari, USA, a US-based 501(3)c non profit.

Sari Bari will ship to overseas winners of the Quilt Auction free of charge.